• Coming soon! Lots of projects and ideas for Month of the Military Child - 2014! January 3, 2012

About This Month

Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger in l986 designated each April as “The Month of the Military Child”.  Recognizing the contribution that the military child makes as their parent or parents serve our nation, it is during April of each year that all branches of services provide special days and events to honor the family and their children.

The military child as they grow and become youth into the teenage years, are an inspiration and a source of pride for our nation.  Frequent moves and family separations through deployments, and then the reintegration issues make life especially challenging.  Often military children are looked up to for their resilience and ability to deal with life changing events.

Commands are encouraged to plan appropriate activities that will focus attention on issues concerning our children and our responsibility to them. Commands are encouraged to develop initiatives that will benefit Military children now and for the future.

Schools and other non-profits in the civilian section are encouraged to also set aide day or days in April to recognize the military children in their school or community.

This website has been designed to provide reflection,a sharing of stories and to recognize the contributions and personal sacrifices that the military child makes.  Also, event and project ideas are also include and based on the age of the child.

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